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Faculty Expertise

There are many financial planning opportunities that are unique to professors and staff of higher education institutions. We understand the challenges you face and have helped others just like you. We can help you retire when you desire, on your own terms. Here are some ways that we can help...

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Some Statistics from Fidelity's "Higher Education Faculty Study":

  • Only 53% of faculty members under age 55 feel comfortable that they have the money to live comfortably in retirement
  • Only 17% of faculty members age 55+ have a retirement income plan created
  • Three-quarters of faculty members over age 55 report needing some financial guidance, with 36% of those indicating they need help choosing specific investments
  • Half of faculty members under 55 said that they needed guidance creating a formal plan for their retirement savings

Are you included in any of the above statistics? 

Benefits Analysis

We will take an in-depth look at the benefits offered by your institution to make sure that you are taking full advantage.  We will take a look at the following:

  • Are you getting the most out of your university's retirement plan options?
  • Do you have enough life insurance through your employer and is it cost-effective?  Are you aware of the "creeping cost" of group-term life insurance?
  • Does your university offer disability insurance?  When does it start payout of benefits?  What is their definition of disability?
  • Are there any other unique benefits that your school offers? (i.e. child care, legal fees, etc.)

Investment Management

We will help you to craft a sound investment portfolio.  In many cases, we have the unique ability to work with you within your university's retirement plan.  We will work with you on your current retirement plan and your other household assets to make sure that your total portfolio is invested efficiently.  Some items that we will look into:

  • Are your investments properly aligned with your goals and risk tolerance?
  • Are you well-diversified across different asset classes?
  • Would it benefit you to harvest any gains or losses?
  • Do you have different pools of assets? (i.e. Roth IRAs, taxable accounts, etc.)
  • Are any accounts from previous institutions better off being consolidated?

Student Loan Forgiveness

You have worked hard earn your position at your university/college.  Most likely, you had to use student loans along your educational journey.  Are these student loans becoming a drag on your cash flow?  Did you know that you may be able to have them forgiven?  Unlike other student loan forgiveness plans, your student loans may be eligible to be wiped out without paying taxes on the forgiven amount!  We have helped many university employees align themselves properly to have their student loans forgiven.  What would getting rid of your student loans mean to you?  It's a big deal. 

Retirement Income Planning

You work hard to retire with a substantial amount of wealth.  But what then?  How will you monetize your assets into a retirement income stream that you won't outlive?  We will help you to put a retirement income plan in place that incorporates your retirement plan assets as well as choosing which social security strategy is right for you.  You have worked diligently to ensure that someday you can "roll over instead of roll out."  Shouldn't you have a plan of action when it comes to your retirement income?

Outside Income

Many faculty members have an income source outside of their higher learning institution.  Many have published books, have self-owned businesses, are compensated from other institutions, or get paid for consulting.  Are you taking full advantage of your outside income opportunities?  Did you know you may be eligible to have a retirement plan for this outside income?