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Integrity Wealth Advisors

"Helping you remove the guesswork so that you can live your best financial life."

What is The Integrity Way?


Billy Vail, AAMS® RICP®

Billy Vail, AAMS® RICP® President

Billy specializes in working with mid-level managers at companies like Honeywell, DLZ, and Nibco. He is an expert at helping families plan for college expenses.

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Nick Vail, CFP® CRPC®
Financial Advisor

Nick Vail, CFP® CRPC® Financial Advisor

Nick specializes in working with professors and staff of higher education institutions. He also works with millennials.

Nick serves clients from the Indianapolis office.

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Our Blog: Remove the Guesswork

Our Blog: Remove the Guesswork

We believe in educating our clients and community about the benefits of financial planning.

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Stop Guessing. Start Planning.

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What We Are  


We don't work for any large investment or insurance firm.  What this means for you is that we are unbiased and we avoid any conflicts of interest.


We will always put your best interests before our own.  No exceptions.

Financial Planners

Every recommendation or strategy that we present to a client is in support of their unique goals and dreams.  We help you to leave no stone left unturned when it comes to your finances.

Location Independent

We are happy to meet with our clients in office or in a virtual meeting.  We are proud to serve clients all over the country.


We will never ask you to blindly trust us.  We will help you to understand any strategy that we recommend so that you can be comfortable with your decisions.  Transparency is key.


We believe that financial planning doesn't have to be stuffy and boring.  We love having a fun culture.  Let's work together and have a blast doing it!

What We Are NOT


We are here to give you options and great service.  You will never feel like you are being sold anything.


Many financial advisors run a transactional business.  Not us.  We believe in building lasting relationships through a unique financial planning experience.


We are here to give you sound advice.  Yes, we manage assets in support of your planning, but we aren't here to open accounts just for the sake of opening accounts.  You matter to us and we want to help you succeed.

Set It And Forget It

Ever worked with an advisor before and felt neglected?  It happens far too often.  We believe in meeting with our clients often to track progress and make changes when necessary.


We believe in a long-term approach based on asset allocation and managing behavior when it comes to investing.  We are not interested in being speculative or trying to help anyone "get rich quick."

Who We Serve

Millennials/Young Families

Millennials/Young Families

Are you new to investing and want to know where to start?  Perhaps you would like some help with your work retirement plan options.  Have you recently started a family and want to know what you should do next?  We can help.

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Rehab Therapists

Rehab Therapists

Are you a rehab therapist and want to take your finances to the next level? Are you trying to pay down student loans while also building a brighter financial future? Are you nearing retirement and want analysis on turning your wealth into an income stream? We can help! 

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Higher Ed Employees

Higher Ed Employees

Do you work in Higher Ed?  Perhaps you would like help with student loan repayment.  Are you maximizing the benefits offered to you from your institution?  Do you have outside income that you want to manage properly?  You have many unique opportunities available to you.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

We build lasting relationships through a unique financial planning experience. You are unique. Your financial plan should be as well.

Our Planning Process
Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning

You've accumulated wealth but how do you transition that into the next phase of your life?

Retirement Income Strategies


We enjoy building trusted relationships that span generations. We have taken a Fiduciary Oath, meaning we will always put your needs first.

Our Oath to You
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Request a FREE No-Obligation Consultation

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